Gery Put

Consultant, Methods & Application Modernization

“ADDI helps applications to become understandable, readable and traceable again.”

“Convincing z/OS people to enter the world of DevOps isn’t just a matter of implementing tools. Over the years they got stuck in their old habits and refuse to allow changes. Convincing technical people is not only about showing numbers and figures. Show them proof. ADDI is a great helping hand into the discovery of their applications. The huge amount of legacy code will become understandable, readable and traceable again. They immediately see the advantages when they get insights into their applications that they may have forgotten about over the years. The fear of changing legacy code can be conquered.”

IBM's take

Without clear visibility into applications, it’s hard to convince people of the need for technology that will actually make their lives easier. When those advantages are easy to understand, the case for rewriting legacy code becomes obvious and the path to change is clear.

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