Rami Katan

ADDI Architect, IBM and Co-founder, EZSource

“ADDI helps you focus the brain power on the business challenges rather than memorizing code.”

“The codebase of big enterprises is a like the world’s biggest public library. A medium-size program is like a book with 300 pages, which is challenging to read and keep track of. Big Enterprises are running hundreds of applications which fill floors of rooms in the library. Floors of books for mainframe, Java, mobile and cloud code, all trying to reference each other through APIs. Can individuals keep track of everything using their memory? It is evident that with today’s technology a computer can scan the whole codebase daily and update what changes in it. It can present all possible relations from within a single program to how programs, transactions or applications connect with each other through graphs reports and interactive usage views. ADDI does exactly that and more.”

IBM's take

Big organizations have more code and relationships than any individual can possibly keep track of—but people try anyway. The challenges become especially acute when you have to distribute this knowledge to someone new on the team. Using software to keep track of applications and their various relationships can make this process vastly simpler.

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