Richard Hintz

Consultant, Works@Scale

“The goal in analyzing an application is determining how it provides value to the customer.”

“When one analyzes a legacy application to determine what functions should be migrated to replacement services or retired, the most important point is understanding how each function provides value to the customer as well as how responsive the service is to changing customer needs or regulatory requirements. While there may be interest in reducing technical debt in the application by removing outdated logic or decomposing into focused services using microservice principles, in the end the reason for changing the application is to increase its business value with enhancements. The business will also benefit if the application is made more flexible and easy to change, allowing more rapid adjustments to business needs.”

IBM's take

It’s tempting to remove old parts of an application when migrating it to a new system. You’ll save time—but at what cost? It’s important to understand the value each function in an application provides to the customer. A clear look into an application will make it easier to migrate all of its components, without diminishing any of its value.

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