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Want to get your hands on and evaluate the latest generally available release of CICS? The Developer Trial is a no cost, feature-rich version of IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS for use in non-production environments.

Note that this try-before-you-buy offering has restricted performance and limited operational lifespan. When ready, you can upgrade to a full production version without reinstallation.

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This trial is available as a standard offering from IBM.

For countries where Shop Z is not available, contact your IBM representative or Business Partner for ordering.

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See what the future holds with our open beta. Now you can explore potential CICS capabilities, assess their value to your business and plan for its adoption earlier. Participants in the open beta have the opportunity to shape these new capabilities with feedback to the development team and can gain first-mover advantages.

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Get involved in future design discussions and gain early access to the latest developments in CICS. This program requires confidentiality agreements between both parties, and gives you the chance to shape the design of future CICS releases to ensure they suit your business needs.

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To request early access, email us and include your company name, your position, and your area of interest.

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