Why IBM Z?

Businesses choose IBM Z software and integrated enterprise software solutions for savings, reliability, and scalability and to leverage terms and conditions that are flexible and predictable.

Our migration services and dedicated team are available to help ensure that your migration is a success. The Software Migration Project Office (SMPO) can help you migrate to some of the industry’s leading database and IBM Z systems management software.


Experienced team responsible for over 3,500 successful migrations

Unmatched expertise in z/OS systems management, DB2®, and CICS® migrations

Assistance with software portfolio management and cost containment

Our teams

Software migration team

Assists in z/OS systems management solutions and migrations

Database migration team

Assists in IBM database server solutions and migrations

Z Modernization team

Provides action plans to improve utilization of current z/OS infrastructure and middleware resources

Business value assessment team

Reviews your Z software portfolio and cost containment

Business development team

Proposes software replacements

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What can Z software do?

Gain security, scalability, speed and more for cloud, machine learning and DevOps.

Why choose IBM mainframes?

Process billions of transactions on a single server with speeds 2.8x faster than competitors.

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