The platform for real-time insights

Uncover insights and gain trusted, actionable results quickly without requiring data movement. Apply AI and machine learning to your most valuable enterprise data on IBM Z – all while using open-source frameworks and tools.

New: IBM® z16™

IBM z16 delivers breakthrough technologies for AI and cyber resiliency to accelerate decision velocity, protect against threats across your business, and modernize for hybrid cloud.

Learn how the ground-breaking IBM® Telum Processor in IBM z16 provides integrated, real-time insights at scale for your core business workloads.

Software for real-time analytics and AI

Data and AI on IBM Z

Modernize your data and applications to turn valuable IBM Z insights into business opportunities.

Embed AI into real-world apps

Build machine learning models using your platform of choice and quickly deploy those models within transactional applications while maintaining SLAs.

Create a data fabric

Deliver a data fabric to connect and access data across clouds without moving data with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data. Available for IBM Z and IBM® LinuxONE.

High-speed processing on complex Db2 queries

Gain the benefits of a hybrid transaction and analytic processing (HTAP)  by analyzing transactional data as it is generated.

Gain real-time insights from data at its source

Exploit in-memory computing, keep data securely in place, and optimize the runtime of open-source technologies such as Spark, Anaconda and Python.

Leverage popular open-source tools

Use Anaconda on IBM Z and LinuxONE, and leverage industry-standard packages such as Scikit-learn, NumPy and PyTorch with cost-effective zCX containers.

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Case studies


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Operationalize anti-fraud on the mainframe to reduce fraud losses in banking, credit cards and payments.

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