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In today’s digital economy, ensuring the smooth and efficient operations of your mainframe data center is essential in maintaining Service Level Agreements, managing ongoing costs and providing fast, agile service to the business. To achieve operational excellence in a modern-changing workforce you need an integrated IT operations approach that embraces IT optimization for faster problem resolution. You need solutions with performance management solutions, orchestration capabilities and advanced automation that takes advantage of predictive IT analytics.

You need IBM IT Service Management on Z


Reduce vendor costs by up to 40% through consolidating your IT operations strate


Reduce risk and restore service up to 60% faster using IT analytics

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

With a clear understanding of your operating environment, you are better equipped to take actions to limit the cost exposure of outages and prolonged maintenance windows, improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency of core workloads on Z.

Consolidate software license investment and gain an integrated IT Operations experience for monitoring, automation and asset discovery.

  • Enhance productivity - Manage your entire workload from a single console
  • Simplify management - Bring performance and automation data from disparate sources into a single interface
  • Reduce costs - Consolidate software licenses and gain integrated monitoring
  • Minimize risk - Get a complete picture of your IBM Z environment and its dependencies to reduce complexities
  • Increase agility - Respond to business needs faster with an active dashboard interface
  • Optimize your network - Identify slow performing connections and high latency in network performance in near real-time

Proactively avoid outages and reduce blind spots

Proactively avoid outages by identifying system anomalies and making corrective changes before they happen. Reduce mean time to repair using cognitive IT Analytics on structured and non-structured operational data.

Gain a complete picture of your Z environment and its dependencies to handle the complexities of a hybrid cloud implementation.

Ensure effective management of JVMs within the enterprise for both Java applications and infrastructure. Leverage the ability to auto-discover, monitor and manage all JVMs running on z/OS to maximize resilience.

Gain a better understanding of end-to-end system environments and solve problems faster, by integrating your Z operational data with IBM's Application Performance Management solution.

Faster and easier time to market

In the era of hybrid cloud, business is innovating faster than ever with new IT services delivered daily. With time to market so important, it is critical that both the data center and IT Operations are able to respond to changing business requirements quickly.

Respond to business needs faster with an active dashboard interface to monitor and automate information, making problem diagnosis faster for experts and easier for beginners.

Stream real-time operational data into both IBM and partner analytics technologies, gaining access to key mainframe data in your choice of tooling.

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