Integrated Console Controller

Integrated console controller technology features offer the reliability, availability and serviceability of the IBM Z mainframe. These features allow for freedom from outdated external controllers.

The OSA-Express4S, OSA-Express5S and OSA-Express6S features are highly integrated components of the IBM Z server platforms, significantly reducing operating costs, compared to external console controllers.


Easily share across partitions

Easily share instances running in logical partitions across multiple Logical Channel Subsystems, all with improved availability

Improve connectivity security

Secure and validated method for connecting clients to the IBM Z host

Facilitate scalability

Define up to 120 local or remote client console sessions per adapter, including up to 48 secure sessions

Controller specifications

OSA-ICC support:

The Open Systems Adapter Integrated Console Controller function (OSA-ICC), providing secure TLS connections, is supported on z13, z13s, and z14 systems using OSA-Express4S, OSA-Express5S or OSA-Express6S features.

Ethernet support:

OSA-ICC supports the attachment of non-SNA 3270 terminals for operator console applications. With OSA-ICC, 3270 emulation for console session connections (TN3270E [RFC 2355] or non-SNA DFT 3270 emulation) is integrated in the Z platforms which helps eliminate the need for external console controllers (2074, 3174), helping to simplify processes, and reduce costs.

OSA-ICC using CHPID type OSC support:

The OSA-ICC supports up to 120 client console sessions per channel path identifier (CHPID) or PCIe adapter (OSA-Express5S, OSA-Express4S, OSA-Express6S) either locally or remotely. Support for this function is provided by z/OS, z/VM, VSE/ESA, z/VSE, and z/TPF operating systems.

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