The app delivery challenge

How companies deliver value is rapidly changing with the adoption of mobile, social and the internet of things. Companies are now known for the value they deliver at every interaction. To do this, companies need to harness data faster.

Data rich enterprises are 2 times as likely to increase agility and speed with APIs

Data rich enterprises are 3 times more likely to report increased reach with APIs

80% of the world's corporate data is estimated to reside or originate on IBM Z mainframes

See what’s possible for faster app delivery with IBM Z

How quickly can you create and deliver powerful applications? Do you have an enterprise API strategy that rapidly takes advantage of new business opportunities and channels? Access transactions and data in a secure, automated fashion by service-enabling core applications and IBM Z data using open technologies.

Create RESTful APIs faster

IBM z/OS Connect extends the value of applications that run on z/OS so you can quickly create efficient and scalable APIs for mobile and cloud applications.