What are enterprise application servers?

An enterprise application server provides both facilities to create web applications and a server environment to run them. IBM Z enterprise application servers are trusted by Fortune 500 companies to process billions of transactions per day with more security, scalability and cost efficiency than other platforms. And our enterprise application servers host applications written in a wealth of languages.


Reliable, available, and scalable infrastructure

Built for qualities of service, near 100% availability, and transaction throughput

Made to help you compete in the API economy

Easily extensible through RESTful APIs to modern interfaces

Built for mixed language interoperability

Develop in your preferred language, from COBOL to Java

What we offer


The leading application server software family for IBM Z, supporting traditional and modern language.


The most secure, highest performing and lowest cost hierarchical database manager for OLTP


Create, connect and port applications on platforms such as IBM Z and Bluemix with the dedicated Java Enterprise Edition


Discover the operating system designed to manage extreme transaction volumes

Featured product

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS

The most widely used application server on z/OS, with support for multiple languages and exceptional transactional throughput

Customer success

Walmart runs an average of 500 million transactions per day on CICS… at up to a 10:1 cost ratio over comparable solutions.

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