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The percentage of businesses requiring a minimum of 99.99% availability has risen to 85% in 2019 (1). Today, business disruptions are not simply inconvenient; they can damage your reputation and destroy your business.

But which platform offers the best disaster recovery and continuous availability? The 2019 ITIC survey reveals “IBM Z is in a class of its own: 83% of respondents said their firms achieved five and six nines – 99.999% and 99.9999% – or greater uptime.” 

What is continuous availability and disaster recovery?

Continuous availability is the ability of an IT platform to provide continuous service. Hardware or software outages are rare in environments that are designed for continuous availability.

Disaster recovery is the ability of a platform to minimize downtime from unplanned outages. The platform quickly resumes critical functions with minimal loss to data, services or revenue. (2)

Gain continuous availability with IBM Z

Hardware for availability

Robust IBM Z hardware is the foundation upon which a resilient IT solution is built. IBM Z hardware offers built-in innovations for business continuity, as well as industry-leading resiliency.

IBM z15™

Ensure business continuity with built-in availability. A Parallel Sysplex comprised of IBM z15 with GDPS and DS888X with HyperSwap is designed to deliver 99.99999% availability. (3)

Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS)

Gain exceptional RAS characteristics, including self-checking and self-recovery, workload isolation, replacement and diagnosis of failed components.

Parallel Sysplex

Eliminate single points of failure with Parallel Sysplex, a clustering technology that enables highly reliable, redundant, and robust IBM Z technologies to achieve near-continuous availability.

Operating systems availability

IBM Z software provides superior continuous availability and business continuity designed to keep your systems up and running.


Gain high availability, data mirroring and transparent failover with HyperSwap and IBM GDPS.

z/VM® for Linux on IBM Z

Minimize downtime from planned outages via SSI/LGR guest mobility and IBM Z compatibility and exploitation.

Data availability

Data can be replicated across distances to enable recovery in the event of a workload or system failure.

In addition, with cyber resiliency your choice of storage and servers perform important roles.

Resilient data storage

Leverage a high-performance, high-capacity storage system for continuous services, security, and cyber resiliency.

Data recovery tools

IBM Copy Services Manager provides high availability and disaster recovery for single and multiple sites.

High data availability

GDPS® offerings address a variety of IT resiliency goals and can be tailored to meet your recovery objectives.

z/OS data availability

Keep data secure and boost scalability without sacrificing performance or availability in a Parallel Sysplex® environment.

Data backup

This DS8000® storage system function provides backup copies to recover data in case of logical corruption or destruction of primary data.

Application availability

Are your business critical workloads and applications available during planned outages?


Gain performance and connectivity for critical transactions in a scalable and secure environment.


Enable continuous availability. Isolate failures through dynamic load balancing and throughput optimization.


Address a variety of IT resiliency goals, tailored to meet your recovery objectives.


Raise availability through shared queues and channels even if the queue manager or channel initiator fails.

IBM Z Batch Resiliency

Gain real-time resiliency for batch applications by leveraging analytics to automate recovery processes.

Operations availability

Ease IT operations management. IBM Z technologies can help you address skills gaps and remove complexity.

System automation

Reduce administrative tasks and lower IT costs through Parallel Sysplex automation and policy-based automation for z/OS.

Operations analytics

Monitor software, z/OS and Linux on Z systems to detect and diagnose anomalies in near real-time.

Speed disaster recovery with IBM Z

The case for enterprise disaster recovery

From 1980 to 2015, the rate of natural disasters increased by 185%. In the last five years alone, there have been over 1,500 natural disasters worldwide. (4)

With IBM Z and services you can re-establish critical services at an alternate site if disaster should strike. RTO is measured in hours and the RPO can be achieved in minutes after the disaster is declared. IBM Z is uniquely able to resume mission-critical functions with automation and self-healing technologies.

What we offer

Resilient servers and storage

Disaster recovery depends on servers and storage designed for 24/7 availability and robust resiliency.

Recovery that’s fast

Accelerate your system recovery and workload catch-up by temporarily unlocking capacity.

System recovery capabilities

Reduce risk with an automated solution across single and multiple sites. GDPS can reduce downtime from days to hours or minutes.

Disaster recovery services

Minimize the impact of disruption and recover within minutes of an outage. Gain cyber resilience and assess cyber risks.

Hear from customers

With powerful, reliable and resilient IBM Z solutions, we ensure that we can weather almost any storm.

Raúl Cruz Franqui, CIO, Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico

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