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Are you getting the most from hybrid cloud?

Only 21% of IT leaders surveyed are fully confident that their current infrastructure can support growing application workload requirements¹. Are you? Read the 2022 Forrester Consulting study to learn more.

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Scientist working with equipment and in the background has a solar farm
Scientist working with equipment and in the background has a solar farm
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    Find out what 500+ IT leaders are thinking

    Hybrid cloud is just the beginning. See how your peers and competitors are driving digital transformation through truly hybrid strategies. And learn how they're deploying workloads and modernizing apps to meet customer and innovation needs.

    New insights for a competitive edge

    How can you successfully modernize apps and workloads?

    See what strategies your peers are implementing to modernize for innovation.

    Which factors hold back hybrid cloud integration?

    Find out what may be blocking you from innovation and how to rise above your obstacles.

    How secure is your organization’s sensitive data?

    61% of workloads on average must remain in regulated environments. See why that makes data security paramount for the C-suite.

    Get more insights to power your hybrid cloud strategy

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    ¹ A commissioned study conducted on behalf of IBM. Survey included 504 global IT and infrastructure and operations decision-makers from financial services, telecom, healthcare, government, technology, and other industries.