Open to new possibilities

The world is constantly in motion and no single vendor or provider can keep up with the rate and pace of change. Success in today’s hypercompetitive environment requires open technology to enable collaboration and dynamic optimization based on your specific workloads.

Built on an open architecture, and supported by a large and growing open source community, IBM IT infrastructure allows you to deliver new solutions faster with infrastructure optimized for your workloads. Our servers can scale up to 8,000 virtual machines or over a million containers.

What’s all this mean for your business? Gaining the dynamic flexibility to meet your needs through open systems. 2x performance per core on OpenPOWER LC servers compared to x86.

Unleash success

A one-size-fits-all infrastructure approach no longer work. IBM open technology solutions give you an optimized architecture that helps improve performance and reduce costs—while easing data access, tightening security and ensuring regulatory compliance. With open systems that can be optimized for transaction processing, ERP and simulations, you can support whatever workload your business demands. You can do it all while reducing transaction response times by 60%.

Accelerate without risk

Building for the future of business innovation requires a clear IT infrastructure strategy for what is still unknown, yet will become possible with future open innovation. By embracing and combining the power of open technologies for infrastructure with the collaborative environment of an open development community, you can deliver new solutions faster to market without sacrificing quality and reliability. You can migrate whole applications stacks from other architectures to IBM Z in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

What if you could save money, time, and resources? IBM Systems tools and calculators show you how.