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Facing challenges in the digital world

The digital revolution has shifted the IT infrastructure conversation to a strategic discussion.
How to differentiate customer experiences. Incorporate customer insights into new offerings.
Experiment quickly. Make decisions about servers, storage and middleware for the future.

IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) asked IT executives about the challenges they face competing in the emerging digital world.

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The IT Infrastructure conversation
New content, new participants,
new tone

Business leaders recognize the link between a strong IT infrastructure and a competitive advantage. With advances in cloud, big data and analytics and engagement, this dependency will only grow.

Continuing the conversation
Building a strong IT foundation takes more than technology

Successful IT organizations are viewed as trusted advisors. This study examines how IT can collaborate within the company to capitalize on technology trends and turn them into business advantages.

What executives are saying

Enable ecosystem integration

The future of delivering unique experiences is about the ability to tap into a wider ecosystem.

Health care executive

Optimize transaction and analytic processing

Where we are advancing from descriptive analytics to diagnostic and prescriptive analytics, we can really begin personalizing education programs and tracks for individual students.

Regional education provider

A new view

How leaders empower IT infrastructures in the digital era. Changes in mindset: Evaluate full spectrum of financial options and implications. Embrace innovation from inside and outside the firewall. Empower the organization to capitalize on disruptive changes.
How leaders empower IT infrastructures in the digital era. Foundational capabilities: strategy, standards, security and service management provide the digital infrastructure foundation.
How leaders empower IT infrastructures in the digital era. Changes in technology: Enable ecosystem integration. Optimize transaction and analytics processing. Build flexible capacity based on rapidly changing business conditions.