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Do servers have a place in your cloud strategy?

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Cloud is emerging as the pervasive platform for delivering applications anywhere, for powerful analytics in cognitive business, and for always-on customer experiences. But clouds don’t run on thin air – and there’s no single cloud solution to meet every unique requirement.

Whether your organization opts for on-premises in a data center, off-premises, or in a hybrid model, cloud servers built for the enterprise need to be open, fast, scalable and secure.

Service predictability

Choice with consistency

Support unpredictable transaction surges. Accelerate innovation for hybrid cloud. Put workloads in the right places.

Hybrid integration

Connect internal data and systems to digital channels and clouds. Securely control access and unlock new value for the business.

Powerful, accessible analytics

Deliver when the window to act is milliseconds. Design for data to provide more accurate insights and better customer experiences.

IBM Systems cloud servers


The combination of cloud and IBM Z can enable the best of both worlds: a combination of enterprise-grade scalability, reliability and security with the agility to respond to market demands.

Hybrid cloud: Rapid development, deployment and management

Whether you’re using an off-premises public cloud, an on-premises private cloud, or a hybrid solution, IBM Z provides the low risk, high availability and superior performance to provision and manage next-generation cloud workloads.

Private cloud: Faster response. 100% uptime. Best security.

IBM Z can respond in nanoseconds with the tremendous processing power of up to 141 of the industry's most powerful cores to handle the largest application workload peaks without compromising service.

Z cloud servers


The Linux enterprise servers and solutions in your cloud infrastructure need to deliver performance, data protection and service continuity.

Hybrid cloud: Cross-platform consistency

The IBM LinuxONE platform combines exceptional speed and business agility for cloud solutions. Its open, vertical scale architecture makes LinuxONE the most efficient and cost-effective cloud platform. It supports and embraces industry initiatives around software-defined infrastructure management, containers and Platform-as-a-Service using a consistent set of technologies.

IBM Power Systems

Great cloud foundation designed to deliver on the promise of hybrid and private clouds with superior cloud economics.

Hybrid clouds: Open. Efficient. Quick to deploy.

IBM Power Systems with POWER8 use open technologies, efficiently delivering 12 times the work of x86 commodity servers; a secure, robust virtualization hypervisor; elastic scaling to handle intensive data and analytics needs; and automated management.

With OpenPOWER Foundation solution in SoftLayer, IBM POWER8 provides a more efficient and reliable platform than an Intel-based solution.

Cloud on Power Systems