United Breweries

  • Number 1 in the Indian beer market
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, India
  • 50% improvement running backend jobs

“The experience was seamless. In fact, we could do the entire migration in one single downtime. By choosing to implement SAP HANA on POWER8 Architecture we were able to use the tailored data center approach. This approach gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility and robustness.”

— Ramakrishnan Sudarshanam, Division Vice President–IT at United Breweries Ltd.


  • Innovator in materials sciences, manufacturer of industrial tools
  • Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 90% speed improvement in checking open orders

“Our platform team was confident that IBM Power Systems would offer more scalability and better maintainability for SAP HANA…Whenever we had questions, we always felt we could rely on best-practice recommendations from the IBM team every step of the way."

— Steve Parker, Director, Application Development

Mondi Group

  • International packaging and paper specialists
  • Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
  • 3x faster report generation

“We originally anticipated that we would complete the migration with system downtime lasting six days. IBM Global Business Services helped us optimize the migration process so that we needed only two days of downtime. That was a remarkable success, because it meant that the outage took place over a weekend, so there was zero disruption to the business.”

— Rainer Steffl, Information Management Director

Indus Motor Company

  • Leading auto manufacturer
  • Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan
  • 95% faster material requirements planning

“Of all the infrastructure solutions we considered for the SAP S/4HANA software, IBM Power System S824L servers stood head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of high availability, flexibility, manageability and performance. What’s more, IBM offered us a level of local service and support that none of the other providers we considered could match.”

— Faizan Mustafa, CIO/Head of IT