High Performance Computing (HPC) for the cognitive era is about systems that can augment human intelligence rather than simply run simulations and visualisations. It’s about systems that blur the line between HPC and big data. It’s about open ecosystems because one size does not fit all. IBM HPC is designed for your workflows and helps you achieve faster time to solution.

Open systems designed for the intersection of HPC and Big Data

Although HPC and big data analytics are converging, traditional HPC clusters are built for another era—meaning they are designed for data or compute, but not both. This leads to the inability to deliver adequate performance and scalability, along with I/O bottlenecks and network latency when moving large datasets—all of which slows down real-time insights. IBM HPC clusters deliver more when they are built with Power Systems—so you can easily handle demanding workloads and high performance data analytics.

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Software Defined Infrastructure for flexible deployment & superior analytics insight

New tools and analytical frameworks are enabling more cost effective analysis of data. Software-defined infrastructure helps you seamlessly bridge between HPC, analytics and big data applications, as well as rapidly deploy open source frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark. This accelerates time to results and reduces costs while also delivering IT services in the most efficient way possible.

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New techniques for HPC with IBM PowerAI

Traditional HPC algorithms are no longer able to feasibly solve every problem without massive deployments. New approaches are required. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can now be rapidly deployed for all kinds of workloads with PowerAI. IBM is a leader in machine learning, deep-learning, and AI techniques applied to computing. Just ask Watson and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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Software for superior workflow optimisation and productivity

Leverage powerful workload management for demanding HPC environments to improve productivity, accelerate research and design, and deliver faster time to results. IBM Spectrum LSF delivers a competitive advantage and resilience at scale all while controlling costs.

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High performance hybrid cloud services for HPC

Quickly and economically meet new and burst peak HPC and HPDA workload demands with IBM Software Defined Infrastructure delivered as a service in the IBM Cloud. This gives you faster time to market, simplified workload management, and enhanced productivity because your engineers and researchers can focus on their jobs rather than managing IT.

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IBM and HPC in Action

Red Bull Racing is driving the speed of innovation with IBM Spectrum Computing solutions.

Red Bull Racing deploys the full array of IBM Software Defined Infrastructure solutions to help drivers win on race day.

I D C case study about retailer Bon Ton use of Power Systems Linux servers

Kinetica meets demand spikes in real time, and converts billions of impressions to millions of dollars on IBM's OpenPOWER LC servers.

U K weather service forecasts a bright outlook for Linux on z Systems

Nuance uses IBM Spectrum Storage to manage 600 TB of data a day going into their high performance grid, and integrate file and object storage technologies.

Photo of IBM Power Systems Linux server

At LSU, faster Genome analysis seemed impossible on Intel but results became astonishing on POWER8, delivering a 3X faster time to insight.

HPC resources and support

HPC Applications Summary

Learn about many of the HPC applications that run on the POWER8 platform, often with far superior performance and accelerated computing support.

Learn How to Deploy an IBM HPC Cluster

Learn how to integrate an IBM HPC cluster for superior performance with Power Systems HPC compute nodes and IBM HPC tools.

Deliver Parallel Storage with Spectrum Scale

Deliver parallel HPC storage with superior performance, resilience, and scalability for your organisation with Spectrum Scale.