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Up to 30x performance improvement

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Save up to 4% of your annual turnover

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Learn how to select the right flash solution for your business.

Select the right flash solution for your business

Speed up data-driven innovation to succeed in the cloud era

Succeed in the cloud era

IBM FlashCore technology underpins IBM FlashSystem products, enabling them to offer extreme performance, market-leading speed and enterprise-grade reliability. It features:

Hardware accelerated architecture

An all-hardware data path minimises the amount of software interaction during I/O activity, ...resulting in the highest performance and lowest latency.

IBM MicroLatency Modules

Purpose-engineered flash storage modules ...deliver extreme performance, greater density, unlimited scalability, and mission-critical reliability.

Advanced flash management

Hardware and software innovations help ...create the most reliable, feature-rich, and highly available flash data storage.

Scalability and speed – whatever your objective

From leveraging the benefits of the cloud to leading the pack in the era of big data,
IBM Flash Storage helps power your business to new heights.

Accelerate your cloud adoption

IBM FlashSystem A9000 and IBM FlashSystem A9000R are specifically designed to help you take your business to the cloud with ease!

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Managing and reclaiming capacity, viewing granular activity statistics, unbelievably reduced timeframes - ALL from a single dashboard.
Discover how IBM FlashSystem A9000 will transform your business.

Almost unbelievable results

When IP-ONLY adopted IBM FlashSystem it cut report processing times by 99%.
It was so fast that its customers could not believe it.

IP-ONLY cut report processing times by 99% - so fast its customers could not believe it.