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Trust as the differentiator

Ross Mauri, GM IBM Z, shows how you can build trust – with security, transparency, real time insights, faster services and stronger clouds.

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Why a trusted platform matters

A typical breach costs $4M and only 4% of the 7 billion records recently breached were encrypted. IBM z14 allows you to encrypt 100% of your application and database data, protect your data 18x faster at 1/20 of the cost of x86.


more secure


less cost

Video: IBM Z | Simplified end-to-end security (2:46).

Get open, connected and stronger clouds. IBM Z integrates seamlessly into secure, hybrid environments, typically offers 300% ROI, reduces costs 47% and shortens development time up to 90% without specialized skills.




faster development

Video: IBM Z | Drive digital transformation with cloud (3:49).

Today, 80% of the world’s data is unsearchable. It lives behind the enterprise firewall. With IBM Z and machine learning, you can extract insights securely, in place, and in real time – and your models adapt and self-tune in just days.


in real time.


models in days.

Video: IBM Z | Extracting data insights with machine learning (3:24).

Why Z?

Trust is the currency in the digital economy

The world is in the midst of a transformation. It's having a profound effect on us as individuals, in business and in society at large. As businesses adapt to capitalise on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. With IBM Z as the foundation of your business you are ready to succeed.

IBM Z supports the world’s businesses:

IBM Z supports the world’s businesses:

Learn why Emid - a leading provider of cloud-based banking solutions based in Africa- trusts the reliable technology of IBM Z. With IBM Z, Emid can meet the growing business needs of its clients.

With IBM Z, you can deliver 100% up-time, with ZERO security breaches.

Watch Emid’s success (02:27)

Meet IBM z14

Deliver trusted experiences. IBM® z14™ enables the ultimate data protection of pervasive encryption – while being open and connected in the cloud to speed innovation at lower cost. And you can gain faster, deeper, insights by applying machine learning to your most valuable enterprise data.