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See the impact of Flash

IBM FlashSystem family is changing enterprise storage by giving you time to value, time to insight and time to market. Supported by Flashcore Technology, IBM FlashSystem gives you four times the capacity in less rack space, and can scale to 2 petabytes of flash capacity.

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Are you looking for an all-flash enterprise storage solution?

The IBM FlashSystem V9000 offers definitive advantages such as scalable performance, agile integration and enduring economics.


Realize the value of FlashSystem now

IBM FlashSystem V9000 brings you agile integration, enduring economics, and scalable performance.

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Achieve extreme scalability to handle many exabytes of data.

See how advanced storage functionality can help you automate the whole data life cycle. Take an insightful approach to storing big data with IBM Spectrum Scale.

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Discover the cost-efficiency of flash storage

Did you know that IBM FlashSystem® yields an estimated 76% ROI over the baseline of equivalent disk-based storage? See how flash cuts CapEx by 40% and OpEx by 56%, as indicated by an in-depth cost analysis.

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Enterprise Class solid - state Storage performance Evaluation

The IBM FlashSystem V9000 has one of the broades sets of enterprise data a vailability features of any storage system. Evaluator Group - FlashSystem V9000 performance validation testing

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Determine if your database can benefit from IBM FlashSystem

This paper provides a guide to interpreting AWR results so that even a novice DBA can glean valid, actionable insights from review of an AWR report.

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Learn why Edison Group calls IBM FlashSystem “storage for the future”.

This whitepaper discusses why FlashSystem Is fast, efficient and secure while paying the greatest dividends in the cloud and enabling enterprises to become proactive in new information system environments.


Leading Service Provider get 100x Faster Analytics with IBM FlashSystem

Reduce the storage latency in your infrastructure to transform your IT infrastructure. IP-ONLY (MSP) achieved 100x faster analytics, reduced report processing time by 99% and gained response times of 100 microseconds. All this with IBM FlashSystem.

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All-flash arrays offering versatile performance, agile integration and enduring economic

IBM FlashSystem V9000 is designed as a comprehensive storage solution for active data sets. It can help the cognitive business derive greater value from data assets, improve decision-making, and build agile cloud and analytics solutions.

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Get a 14-day free trial of flash storage

Test IBM FlashSystem in your own storage environment. Experience the enhanced data center performance resulting from storage virtualisation. Discover how the easy integration of flash storage enables seamless data migration with zero downtime.

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Calculate your RoI of IBM Flash

This calculator is built on extensive primary research conducted by the analyst ESG to demonstrate the cost competitiveness and economic value of IBM FlashSystem compared to traditional storage systems, including performance disk-based systems underpinned by 15K RPM drives.

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See your cost benefits of flash storage

By answering just a few simple questions about your organization and its storage needs, you’ll get a detailed look at how much FlashSystem could save you compared with average flash and SSD storage systems.

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Taking the mystery out of flash storage with IBM Flash

IBM FlashSystem can optimise your IT deployment and maximise cost savings. Find out how experts at IBM Flash Centers of Competency can help determine the competitive advantage you gain in precise terms.

Customer reference

Wanlian Securities keeps up with the breakneck speed of the Chinese markets and accommodates future business growth.

By deploying superfast enterprise flash storage to support its Oracle-based trading systems they reduced trade clearing times from 240 minutes to just 90 minutes.