The benefits of b-type platforms

Upgrade your network with Gen-6 to double your performance capacity while serving data faster. Gain deeper visibility for analytics that support better decision making.

See what ESG has to say about workload optimization with end-to-end NVMe using IBM FlashSystem and b-type storage networking.


more transactions per minute


less CPU utilization

Industry leading technology

Fabric vision technology

Gain control and insights across storage networks with Fabric Vision technology.

NVMe over Fibre Channel

Get ultra-low latency for working memory applications, with reliability that's critical to enterprise storage.

New IBM SANnav

More visibility, efficiency and productivity managing SAN infrastructures.

End-to-End NVMe

NVMe is a protocol that accelerates data transfer. NVMe-based SAN b-type storage networking solutions work together with IBM flash storage to give you astonishingly fast data transfer.

To learn more about how NVMe accelerates the ROI of your storage investments and protects your high-value data assets, check out NVMe Over Fibre Channel for Dummies.

Enterprise SAN directors

The right platform for larger enterprise environments that require increased capacity, greater throughput and higher levels of resiliency

SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6

Designed to meet relentless growth and mission-critical application demands, these directors are an ideal platform for large enterprise environments that require increased capacity, greater throughput and higher levels of resiliency.

Entry and Mid-range SAN Brocade switches

Scalable, affordable solutions for enterprises and small and midsize businesses


Provides the tools to optimize NVMe storage and automate SAN management tasks, with a high port density building block and a management platform designed to support application, data and storage growth.


High-density, purpose-built, foundational building block for large and growing SAN infrastructures. Delivers Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology with 16 Gbps performance to support growing, dynamic workloads and highly virtualized private and hybrid cloud storage environments.


Designed to meet the demands of hyper-scale virtualization, larger cloud infrastructures and growing flash-based storage environments by delivering b-type Gen 6 Fibre Channel technology.


Entry-level switch that combines high-performance capabilities of 4, 8, 16 and 32 Gbps with point-and-click simplicity and enterprise-class functionality.  Provides small to midsized data centers with low-cost access to Gen 6 Fibre Channel technology and the ability to start small and grow on demand.

Extension switches

Addressing disaster recovery, performance and connectivity requirements

SAN 18B-6

A cost-effective solution that securely moves data faster over distance for continuous data protection.  This powerful reliable, and secure platform is purpose-built to handle the unrelenting growth of data traffic between data centers in Fibre Channel and IP storage environments.


Designed to address the most demanding disaster-recovery requirements. Helps maximize application performance, with “pay-as-you-grow” scalability and capacity-on-demand upgrades.

As scientists introduce the latest generation of appliances and lab equipment, the data generated by their research activities surges, and the IBM platform ensures we can cope with even the highest demand.

Michal Sedláček, IT Architect, BIOCEV

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