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Host Connections


Drive Configuration

Drives Supported

Connectivity Supported

Data Reduction Pools (Compression, DeDuplication, Thin Provisioning, UNMAP)

Hardware Assisted Compression


VMWare Integration

Remote Replication (Synchronous Metro Mirror, Asynchronous Global Mirror)

Hyperswap High Availability

NVMe Flash

FC-NVMe Host Connections

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RAID levels

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Storage Class Memory

Transparent Data Migration

Red Hat OpenShift Container Integration

  1. Prices (incl. leasing) mentioned is the IBM recommend price excl. VAT. Actual price might vary based on your final agreement details with the IBM Partner delivering the product
  2. IBM Leasing may not be available in all countries and on all products. Financing offers may change at any time and are subject to credit status, terms and conditions apply.
  3. If you replace the product, IBM will provide an ‘equivalent’ system for which you’ll pay the same monthly price or less
    • ‘Equivalent’ system means a current or next-gen model with CPU, memory, IO cards, storage capacity and expansion enclosures that are either identical or comparable to your current product
    • Subject to a fair market lease from IBM Global Financing, product availability, client credit approval, changes in any of the following: interest rates, currency, tax rates, market conditions, legislation and IBM policy
    • This price promise only covers products (MTMs (Machine Type Model) along with any licensed software required for those MTMs) listed in the “FlashWatch Product Matrix”. It does not include external virtualization licensing, or other hardware or software products that may have been included in the lease