Accelerate modernization with data services and data protection for hybrid cloud and containers

IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift unifies traditional and container storage, enabling easier deployment of enterprise-class scale-out microservices architectures.

Tight integration

Validated with Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Pak. Delivering simplified deployment and management for an integrated experience.

Data resilience

Enterprise data protection, automated scheduling, and data reuse support for Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes environments.

Enterprise capabilities

Containerized for fast and easy deployment with container-native access.

Infrastructure agility

Block, file and object data resources. Quickly deploy what you need when you need it.

IBM Storage for containers - Red Hat OpenShift, supporting Container Storage Interface (CSI)

IBM Storage for  Red Hat OpenShift provides the infrastructure foundation and storage orchestration necessary for building a robust, agile, on-premises hybrid cloud environment. IBM supports CSI for its block and file storage families to improve container utilization in Kubernetes environments. Red Hat OpenShift supports multi-compute architectures including  IBM Power , IBM Z  (PDF,43 KB) and x86.

Container native storage products

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Data resilience of containerized workloads takes advantage of the agility and ease of deployment provided by the deep integration with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management.

IBM Spectrum Scale

Advanced storage management of unstructured data for cloud, big data, analytics, objects and more.

IBM Spectrum Discover

Metadata management software that can be incorporated into Red Hat OpenShift environments.

Fully integrated and validated solution

IBM and Red Hat bring together IBM Spectrum Storage and open source Red Hat offerings designed to support container environments.  Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage, fully integrated with OpenShift, provides data services for a common user experience, enabling you to build applications once and deploy anywhere.

Supporting solutions

IBM Storage for hybrid cloud

Container-enabled enterprise storage, deployed seamlessly across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Storage for AI and big data

Modernize your data for AI and hybrid cloud with an information architecture featuring enterprise data services and optimized capacity.

IBM Storage for data resilience

Provide unified protection for container- based and traditional workloads with an agentless architecture that is easy to deploy and manage.

What customers are saying

"As we embark on a journey to modernize our infrastructure with containerized applications and Red Hat OpenShift we needed an infrastructure that could support our application modernization in a safe and secure way. We chose IBM Cloud Object Storage because of the built-in security and stability with high availability it will provide our containerized applications. The system is simple to manage and maintains the data in our control."

— Christoph Buchstätter, Leader of ICS Computing & Platform Services, Porsche Informatik

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