Partner with IBM to build your AI data pipeline

End-to-end optimization

From ingest through several stages of data classification, transformation, analytics, ML and DL model training and retraining, through inference. Yield increasingly accurate decisions or insights.

Industry-leading innovation

Continual innovation from IBM Storage gets you to insights faster with industry-leading performance plus hybrid and muticloud support that spans public clouds, private cloud, and the latest in containers.

Proven AI leadership

IBM builds the world's fastest supercomputers backed by the scalable, high-throughput IBM Elastic Storage Server. Available in all-flash configurations designed for AI workloads and flexible deployments.

IBM Spectrum Scale with IBM Power AC922 or NVIDIA DGX for AI computing, storage and networking

Achieve superior performance for data science workloads with more storage throughput. With support for the latest in all-flash storage, IBM Spectrum Scale delivers scalable throughput to support more GPU accelerated servers in a single rack.

IBM storage delivers rapid deployment with solutions for an ecosystem of GPU accelerated servers.

The workload on ConFlux will be hugely data-intensive. Any given simulation will generate 10 to 20 terabytes of data, and there could be dozens of simulations running at one time. With this in mind, we expect to see surges in storage requirements as the datasets grow—which is why we chose IBM Spectrum Scale as our software-defined storage solution. With Spectrum Scale, we can seamlessly increase performance and capacity by simply adding nodes.

—Karthik Duraisamy, Associate Professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, and Director of the Center for Data, University of Michigan

Only IBM addresses every stage of the AI data pipeline, from ingest to insight

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Provides geographically dispersed object repositories that support global ingest, transient storage and cloud archive of object data.

IBM Elastic Storage Server

Offers multiple IBM models powered by IBM Spectrum Scale to deliver high performance file storage and scalable common data lakes.

IBM Spectrum Discover

Automatically indexes and helps manage metadata and operationalizes data preparation tasks to speed classification and curation of data.

IBM Spectrum Archive

Enables direct file access to data stored on tape for cost-effective and highly scalable active archives.

Your team of experts is ready to help you deliver on the promise of AI

Your IBM team offers a variety of value-added services to help you strategize, design, deploy and support your IBM Storage for AI infrastructure. Join our webinar and get your questions answered.

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Learn how the IBM Power Accelerated Computing Platform offers complete, fully integrated configurations for AI and modern HPC workloads based on the world's smartest and most powerful compute installations at Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

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