IBM IT infrastructure software

Today’s consumers have higher expectations when it comes to digital experiences.  So, whether you’re talking about the interface to an OS, cluster virtualization, workload management, or the time it takes to process an online purchase, IBM IT software helps you accomplish more: accomplish more securely, accomplish more flexibly, and accomplish more workloads.  And you can do all this on any one of our servers.

Systems software

Software for IBM Z mainframes

IBM offers over 100 applications to make the IBM Z mainframe platform even more powerful, from analytics and security to data management and software development tools.

Software for IBM Power Systems servers

Augment the capabilities of IBM Power Systems servers with software for virtualization management, high availability and data recovery, and security and compliance.

Storage software

Improve the way you manage, protect and store data with IBM Spectrum Storage. Enable rapid deployment, grow your cloud securely, manage data at scale and reduce downtime. Explore our suite of storage software products for business needs big and small.

Operating systems

Operating systems for IBM Z

IBM Z mainframes run on a variety of operating systems, and this provides a highly scalable and secure IT infrastructure. In fact, z/OS encrypts 100% of application, cloud service, and database data, while z/VM on z14™ mainframes can run 25% more guests with the same throughput.

Operating systems for Power

The choice is yours. IBM Power Systems servers offer the flexibility of running Linux, AIX, or IBM i.  IBM i has continued to innovate for 30 years, AIX 7.2 has the lowest percentage of unplanned downtime[1], and Linux on Power helped North Carolina University uncover new business partners 200x faster[2].

IBM Spectrum Computing

IBM Spectrum Computing uses intelligent workload and policy-driven resource management to optimize computing clusters across the data center, on premises and in the cloud. Increase ROI and reduce total cost of ownership with a complete system and enterprise support from IBM.

It sounds like science fiction

But it’s not and the good news is, you probably already have the knowledge to begin utilizing AI to better understand your business, your customers, and your competition.  With IBM Watson Machine Learning Community Edition (formerly PowerAI) software from IBM running on the Power Systems AC922 server, you’re ready to use AI to begin to make the future available today.


Powering business at the speed of life

In today’s multi-cloud environments, “real-time” isn’t a slogan; it’s a necessity. For applications to provide answers and insights at the speed of life, your storage must respond in microseconds.

Guarding your virtual environment

The most common requirements for data protection include simplified management, better recovery time, data re-use and the ability to efficiently protect data for varied requirements.

Your onramp to IBM Watson Machine Learning Community Edition (formerly PowerAI)

Five steps, once actualized with factors local to each client’s needs, will accelerate your journey to trying AI and assessing its benefits in your environment, with actions in place to reduce risk and costs.

Delivering apps faster on IBM Power Systems

Banks, online retailers, tech startups — they all want to reach their customers with new offers and solutions that beat the competition. This puts a lot of pressure on app development and IT teams.


IBM Z trial program

Try the latest IBM Z capabilities today at zero cost, and with no installation required.

IBM i strategy and roadmap

An executive guide to IBM’s strategy and roadmap for its integrated operating environment for Power Systems.

Transforming IT for HPC

Find out how a software-defined infrastructure enhances business agility, productivity, efficiency and quality.