Thermal design for state-of-the-art reliability and efficiency

IBM’s thermal engineering and simulation team provides optimized and efficient heat transfer solutions for some of the most challenging server designs found in the industry.  This analysis and test capability spans from individual board level components to the scale of the datacenter and may utilize air cooling, water cooling, or a combination of both to provide a world-class thermal solution. Our extensive library of characterized high-efficiency materials and heat pipes allow for best in class solutions to the complex structures and architectures emerging in today’s market. IBM’s history with thermal modeling of extreme conditions in power density and energy efficiency are a testament to the simulation capability of our engineers. The same competency that cools the highest power processors and servers in the market can be utilized for your product cooling requirements. Our team has access to various design modeling tools such as Catia, ProE and Solidworks. Our primary thermal modeling tools utilize the Ansys Electronics Desktop and ICEPAK. To accommodate some preferences, our team can also use Mentor Graphics FlowTherm. Additionally, manifold and utility level fluid modeling is performed with MacroFlow.

Custom tailored solutions for any scale

  • Microchip to large socket multi-chip modules
  • PCIe Adapters to full size server motherboards
  • Server level airflow to hot and cold aisle handling
  • Cold plate design to manifold and distribution