Working to architect, design, develop, and qualify highly reliable and cost-effective power systems. The IBM Power Development team provides advanced capability in the way of architecture, design, development and qualification of highly robust power subsystems. From high level architecture to simulation, detailed design to lab validation, our engineers produce designs that operate in a highly predictable and reliable manner. Leveraging our power subsystems from highly qualified IBM developed reference materials, performance, reliability and function are well understood during the early conceptual phases of development and are observed to correlate very well in real world hardware, reducing design cycles.  With years of experience in architecting a wide range of power subsystems, IBM’s team is ready to provide a cost-effective power solution with the redundancy and reliability to meet the demands of your project.

Design and validation

  • Define power system architecture to meet product requirements.
  • Early circuit analysis and simulation of the power subsystem performance through use of Spice/SIMPLIS for averaged and switching models
  • Power Integrity analysis through use of PowerDC, PowerSI, HSpice and OptimizePI
  • Power system component specification: electrical, physical, thermal, acoustic, safety, compatibility, and reliability criteria
  • Design of specialized power components
  • Verification of system design performance


  • Power sources from 1 Watt to over 6,000 Watts.
  • Low voltage, high current sources up to 600 Amps.
  • Centralized, distributed and combination systems.
  • Redundant and high reliability design