Optimize your distribution environment while still ensuring your product is properly protected

Today, many companies do not have in-house packaging development experts and rely on packaging material suppliers. This often results in an over-designed package whose one goal is to protect the product without a view towards material or distribution cost, environmental, or supply chain impacts. Our team of trained packaging engineers can provide designs that optimize the distribution environment while still ensuring the product is properly protected and tracked throughout the entire supply chain. In addition, our state-of-the-art testing lab currently contains all of the equipment and hardware (42U racks, chassis, etc.) for IBM, ASTM, or ISTA certification.

We provide:

Cost evaluation and savings

  • Pallet Density improvements 
  • Dimensional weight reduction from package redesigns 
  • Knowledge of packaging prices globally  


Package testing service  

Package Verification Testing (Drop, Vibration – IBM, ASTM, ISTA) 


Bare product fragility testing  

Rugged product reduces warranty cost, reduces packaging material which reduces transportation cost. 

High speed video

Analyze how critical components react during shock and vibration


Configured rack shipping qualification

Servers or rack mounted options installed in a Storage Rack and tested


Distribution environment evaluation

Measure, quantify and pinpoint rough handling through the use of environmental data recorders

Packaging supplier recommendation

Knowledge of packaging suppliers globally for various packaging commodities


Packaging Sample Fabrication  

Carton and cushion sample can be designed and prototyped in our lab 


Product Shipment Traceability 

Development of Internet of Things environmental and location sensor  implementations to track product  location and measure environmental conditions