What are Mechanical Packaging and Reliability Engineering Services?

Our packaging solutions are designed to robust standards for sustained product operation. Using the latest Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) tools and processes, we are able to address the toughest packaging challenges and provide state-of-the-art packaging solutions for the future. We employ techniques such as shock mounts for earthquake protection, molded metal covers for added physical and ESD shielding, self-guiding connectors, tool-free screws for positive retention and many other advanced packaging design conventions that result in highly reliable and serviceable products.

Our Services

Because customers can be located anywhere in the world, products must be designed to be durable and rugged enough to survive a variety of harsh transportation and installation environments. PTEDS is involved in all aspects of design to ensure products meet or exceed design specifications for function, reliability, safety and shipping.

  • Statistical analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Shock and vibration analysis
  • Environmental stress screening
  • Mechanical design analysis