What are Environmental, Installation Planning and Safety Technology Services?

This IBM team designs, directs and supports the IBM server group as it pertains to environmentally conscious products, product safety and installation planning technology. As a customer, if you need to supplement your workforce in this area, IBM's depth and breadth is at your service.

Our Services

Assist in obtaining certification for ITE

  • CE mark (low voltage directive)
  • TUV
  • UL
  • NOM
  • CCC
  • GS
  • CSA
  • GOST
  • CB certification

Design reviews to safety standards and country deltas

Austria (AT), Australia (AU), Belgium (BE), Canada (CA), China (CN), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Finland (FI), France (FR), Germany (DE), Greece (GR), Hungary (HU), India (IN), Israel (IL), Italy (IT), Japan (JP), Korea (KR), Netherlands (NL), Norway (NO), Poland (PL), Spain (ES), Sierra Leone (SL), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), United Kingdom (GB), United States (US)

Design reviews in support of environmental declarations

  • NITA and ECMA
  • Nordic
  • European
  • Information Technology Organization
  • Computer Manufacturing Association
  • Design for environment reviews
  • Provide test and data to support an EUDOC (Declaration of Conformity)
  • Design review and test for energy efficiency
  • Request associated with energy star and Japan MITI
  • Test and evaluate to European LFE requirements
  • Review installation plans for worldwide compliance to NEC & CEC but not limited to those two
  • Provide test data for conformance to OSHA 19

Design review to evaluate product to meet the following standards

  • NEB
  • EPA
  • OSHA
  • IEC
  • MITI

We can provide support services for follow-up: manufacturing evaluations to assist in ongoing compliance confirmation.