What is IBM Product Engineering Services?

IBM Product Engineering Services delivers leading-edge industrial design, product development services, mechanical testing and analytical services.

With state-of-the-art laboratories and the personnel with the required product certification authorities in the United States, Europe, Pacific Rim and emerging global markets, IBM is unique in having the talent and resources to provide a wide range of comprehensive design services to customers.



Industry leading experts offer a wide variety of accredited acoustical test and design services. Our world-class facilities include hemi-anechoic, fully-anechoic and reverberation chambers. With our research and development roots and a highly qualified staff, we can ensure that the services you receive are tailored to your individual requirements.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Our electromagnetic test labs are accredited world-wide and include 3- and 10-meter semi-anechoic chambers and experienced personnel capable of providing complete radiated and conducted electromagnetic field emissions and immunity measurements.

Electronic assembly failure analysis

IBM experts and our state-of-the-art failure analysis labs quickly identify issues during advanced technology qualifications testing with products failing in the field. We provide the independent and higher-level analysis often required to resolve complex and multi-variable failures found in today's systems.

Environmental installation and safety planning technology

IBM has experienced professionals who can provide support to clients designing for, and attaining, relevant certifications as it pertains to environmentally conscious products, product safety, and installation planning technology.

Industrial design and human factors

Highly skilled industrial design specialists help you create products with an iconic visual appearance, balanced with optimal accessibility and usability for any set of requirements.


The interconnect team develops, releases, and supports the subsystem power, electrical interconnect and board/backplane packages for the IBM server family of Systems’ products.

Material selection and analysis

Experts in the field of material science, IBM offers wide range of material and analytical chemistry assistance including consultation, material selection, characterization, defect analysis and construction analysis.

Mechanical analysis and test

The mechanical analysis and test team provides advanced assistance in structural integrity testing and finite element modeling.  We ensure that IBM servers are high performing, acoustically quiet, and structurally sound.

Mechanical packaging and reliability engineering

We are equipped with the latest Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) tools and vibration analysis capabilities tools and processes, to address the toughest packaging challenges and provide state-of-the-art packaging solutions for the future, resulting in highly reliable and serviceable products.

Product cooling and thermal analysis

As product power consumption levels increase, so does the need for creative cooling solutions. IBM provides high-performance air moving devices, low temperature refrigeration, heat pipes, high conductivity materials, and many other advanced approaches to help optimize a product's thermal operating environment.

Product packaging engineering

Our team has expertise in product package design techniques, testing, methodologies, and in-depth knowledge of global distribution networks. We provide valuable insight on how to design packaging and products to not only survive, but to efficiently navigate the hazardous global supply chain.

Project management

IBM has project management teams ready to handle integrated product design for very complex and industry-leading computing hardware solutions.  We are here to help you manage the development process for design and test of new products.

System power

With years of experience in architecting a wide range of power subsystems, IBM’s team is ready to provide a cost-effective power solution with the redundancy and reliability to meet the demands of your project.