Our services

Job Watcher

Job Watcher provides real-time, non-intrusive, detailed and summarized views of job/thread/task performance data. It displays both running and waiting components for jobs and analyzes waiting jobs.

Collection Services Investigator

This analysis capability for Collection Services performance data offers the same technology as Job Watcher but analyzes jobs that are waiting over longer time periods (days/weeks).

PEX Analyzer

PEX Analyzer simplifies the collection and analysis of all types of PEX data and is specifically geared towards pinpointing issues affecting system and application performance.

Power Connections

Power Connections analyzes performance and configuration info on AIX, Linux, HMC or VIOS systems, allowing you to view systems at a high level, as well as pinpoint LPARs that may not be performing well.

Performance Assessment

Using in-depth software, IBM analyzes your systems and provides a detailed report and review of our analysis along with recommendations to your technical lead.

iDoctor Workshops

IBM offers customizable, on-site education to get employees up to speed quickly on iDoctor tools. We use your data to provide the best possible usage scenarios.