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IBM iDoctor for IBM i is a suite of performance tools that can be used by the performance expert or novice to collect, investigate and analyze performance data on Power Systems. The tools are used to monitor overall system health at a high "overview" level or to drill down to the performance details within job(s), disk unit(s) and/or programs over data collected during performance situations.

IBM iDoctor for IBM i is frequently used by the IBM i Global Support Center, the IBM i Benchmark Center and IBM Systems Lab Services, along with customers and consultants to help solve complex performance issues quickly. Feedback from these regular iDoctor tool users continues to help shape the enhancements and new function incorporated into iDoctor components and features.

Our Services

Job Watcher

Job Watcher provides real-time, non-intrusive, detailed and summarized views of job/thread/task performance data. It's like a super WRKSYSACT that displays both "running" and "waiting" components for a job and features IBM i-exclusive technology for analyzing waits.

Collection Services Investigator

Provides analysis capability for Collection Services performance data using powerful Job Watcher-like drill down techniques. This service offers the same exclusive IBM i technology for analyzing waits but over larger time periods (days/weeks) and is included with a Job Watcher license.

PEX Analyzer

PEX Analyzer simplifies the collection and analysis of all types of PEX data; PROFILE, STATS and TRACE data. PEX is the most advanced type of performance analysis available on IBM i. It’s like a system performance “X-ray!”

Power Connections

This free service provides the capability to analyze performance and configuration information on AIX, Linux, HMC or VIOS systems. It features the capability to analyze nmon data and uses either IBM i or SQLite as the database.

Performance Assessment

Let our expert consultants analyze your system using our in-depth software. We'll provide you a detailed report and review the results of our analysis and subsequent recommendations with your technical lead via teleconference.

iDoctor Workshops

We offer customizable on-site education designed to get employees up to speed quickly on usage of the iDoctor tools. An expert will visit your location for an education session using your data in order to provide the best possible usage scenarios.

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