The technology industry worldwide is racing ahead at a fast pace. Organizations are grappling with increasing competition, greater customer churn, rising costs, the challenge of efficiency and threats of a changing economic climate. These changes drive a need for more responsive IT applications and systems that address business needs with agility, security, scalability, flexibility and a high return on investment. Companies today need IT and business professionals who have a better understanding of these technologies and their applicability.

Moreover, governments and organizations are quickly moving their applications away from the confines of computer rooms. They are shifting from managing IT applications and systems to managing devices, sensors and actuators in the real world. As a result, IT is becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. More and more devices and sensors are embracing automation, and to support this new world reality, we need smarter, more dynamic IT infrastructure and new skills sets that can put the latest technology to use.

With this in the background, it is imperative that we prepare the next generation of IT and business leaders with skills that are industry aligned and cutting-edge. This will give them a competitive edge over their peers and prepare them for meeting the real-world challenges head on.

IBM has been a world leader in technology for over a century. IBM technology reaches thousands of satisfied clients across the globe — from those in the banking industry to insurance companies, governments, education institutions, retail and distribution businesses, and the healthcare, travel, hospitality, manufacturing, telecom, automotive and electronics industries. Indeed, IBM’s work can be seen in practically every walk of life. The IBM portfolio includes hardware, ranging from small servers and storage to midrange computers to mainframes, as well as middleware platforms, services and financing. In every category, IBM has been a leader. IBM’s technology leadership has been proven by its patent filings, the highest in the IT industry for 16 years in a row.

The IBM Innovation Center for Education, together with leading universities, has designed and delivered a new set of courses for aspiring future generations. IBM works with its partner ecosystem as well as thousands of clients worldwide to understand the skills needed by working professionals in their organizations. Accordingly, IBM has designed the Innovation Center for Education programs with a focus on cutting-edge courses.

These courses will imbibe deep theoretical knowledge into students, coupled with broad-based industry alignment, interaction, talent discoverability and excellence. The next generation of IT professionals will readily fill the gap the IT industry is currently facing.