Who is Analytics Services?

Proven Expertise

Today’s abundance of information offers businesses a major opportunity to gain competitive advantage and to transform their industry and professions. Analytics enables companies to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns, and pursue breakthrough ideas.

Lab Services data for analytics services capabilities include advising clients on efficient data acquisition and capture, data placement and storage at scale, and the design and deployment of compute infrastructure for big data and analytics.

Our Services

Systems Consulting

We help businesses design an enterprise-wide analytics transformation strategy, including assessing and improving how business data can be used to the greatest advantage, and making analytics a catalyst for new business insight, growth, and innovation. Our collaborative approach utilizes a next-generation analytics architecture model to design a prioritized transformation roadmap encompassing people, process, and technology dimensions.

Power Systems

We help businesses build open infrastructure for high performance computing applications and big data analytics, including for Hadoop and Spark, featuring Linux on Power, IBM BigInsights, and IBM Elastic Storage Server solutions. In addition, we provide advisory services for securely integrating structured operational data held on systems of record with analytics and reporting on systems of engagement such as Cognos and IBM Db2 Web Query.

Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure

We help clients deploy storage management at scale for big data analytics services. We bring proven expertise to design, build and deliver a data analytics platform. We enable advanced analytics for better customer insight with IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Compute to provide the robust, flexible, fast, and secure platform for clients’ analytics queries.

IBM Z and LinuxONE

We help clients deploy the infrastructure for their enterprise analytics platforms, such as IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator, to gain business insights with decisions based on real-time analysis of data designed for availability and engineered for highest levels of security. Other areas of business analytics focus for IBM Z and LinuxONE include real-time analytics with technology such as Apache Spark for both z/OS and Linux on z, Machine Learning for z/OS, and predictive analytics with zAware including IBM Operational Analytics for z, Cognos, and SPSS.