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Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z Compared to Three Public Cloud Examples

See how workloads can grow at lower cost on IBM Z than on these public cloud examples with Tailored Fit Pricing 

Chargeback analysis

We work with you to identify and overcome chargeback policies that drive adverse IT decisions and help you align your chargeback policies to actual IT costs.

IT best practice benchmarking

By comparing your actual IT environment with industry best practices, we help you improve your IT forecasts and actual spending.

Workload Offloading Pitfalls

Read about commonly observed oversights when considering a mainframe offload to a distributed environment

Workload placement

We help you understand the effects of consolidating, offloading, and placing workloads on alternative platforms, as well as ways to exploit and compare platform attributes in order to optimize workload performance and costs.

The impact of mobile computing

How to manage the increase in transactions on your core applications  

Capture mind market and wallet share

Understand how to use cognitive analysis to gain meaning from your data.

Off-Platform Analytics

Learn how organizations running their analytics solution alongside their enterprise data on Z have market differentiation & lower IT cost.

Labor Observations for LinuxONE

This paper summarizes labor efforts observed by the IBM IT Economics team in LinuxONE and distributed server client environments.