Reduce operational costs with the IBM MQ Appliance

Learn how workload consolidation lowers costs and simplifies operations.

Reducing the carbon footprint of computing

Contribute to a more environmentally sustainable IT environment by choosing IBM Z and LinuxONE over distributed solutions.

Leveraging workload consolidation for lower IT costs

With workload consolidation ratios ranging from 10 to 32.5 distributed cores to one IFL, read why IT organizations consolidate to resolve data center constraints and mitigate cost.

Facilitating technology adoption

Motivate early adopters and maximize chargeback/revenue with user value pricing.

IT chargeback systems are changing in important ways

Examine how to effectively align chargeback with actual cost.

Workload placement

Understand the effects of consolidating, offloading, and placing workloads on alternative platforms, as well as ways to exploit and compare platform attributes in order to optimize workload performance and costs with a no-charge assessment of your workloads.

Workload Offloading Pitfalls

Read about commonly observed oversights when considering a mainframe offload to a distributed environment.

Mitigate technology adoption barriers

See how a government agency was able to invite users to a new platform that would lower IT costs.

How can IT Economics help you?

Use a no-charge IT Economics assessment to find efficiencies in your IT environment and to expand business opportunities while streamlining cost.

Lower workload costs with zIIPs

See how much you can save using the zIIPs estimator.

Getting more for less with on-platform analytics

Learn how IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS (IzODA) addresses the problem of moving data off-platform.