IT simplification and cost reduction

Companies—large and small—are looking for ways to simplify operations and reduce IT costs while meeting the demands of their business.  IBM offers a no-charge economics assessment of your IT environment to determine the most effective technical and economical solution for your business.



Our team is specialized in examining economic differences between solutions in client environments and focused on identifying areas for efficiencies, cost reductions and increased business value.


We have world-wide and local teams with expertise in IT economics methodology, as well as on-site client consulting.


Receive a detailed analysis based on your customized scenario with recommendations to achieve technical and business requirements.

Common scenarios

Modernizing your mainframe

Learn how one enterprise modernized its IT by using z/OS technologies for its COBOL, PL1 and Assembly programs to create new functionality with new user interfaces.

Reducing carbon footprint

How customers assess the impact of using different technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Merging IT in an acquisition

Hear how two companies converged diverse IT infrastructures to minimize IT costs.

Simplifying with Open Source

Gain insight from a university that was able to overcome IT complexity with open source computing on LinuxONE.

Accurately sizing workload requirements

Examine the challenge of sizing server and storage requirements accurately when using open source workloads on different architectures.

Mitigating SLA penalties

Learn how an MSP overcame unplanned downtime penalties and lowered SW costs.

Preparing new disaster recovery center

Hear how a retailer used workload consolidation to reduce its disaster recovery center costs.

Choosing an effective infrastructure for SAP HANA

Learn why an SAP customer moving to SAP HANA chose Power Systems over a cloud implementation.

Overcoming technology adoption barriers

See how a government agency was able to invite users to a new platform that would lower IT costs.

An IBM IT Economics assessment

Evaluate technical and economic differences between your existing environment and alternative solutions

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IT operating costs, capital expenditures, migration, server upgrades, maintenance.

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Business values (KPIs) and qualities of service (SLAs, security, resiliency, serviceability).

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Workload consolidation, server utilization and performance efficiencies.

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Return on investment and payback period.

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Total cost savings over multiple years.

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Modernization with hybrid cloud.

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Engage with the IT economics team to make an informed, financially based decision including a no-charge assessment to evaluate IT requirements, quantify costs and compare alternative solutions using TCO and business value analysis.