What is the IBM High Availability Center of Competency?

The High Availability Center of Competency (HACoC) assembles elite teams of experts in high availability, service management, systems, storage, and middleware to work on-site at client locations. Collaborating with the HACoC gives you an HA strategy and roadmap to help you achieve your service availability and resiliency objectives.

Customized availability workshops

IBM can work with your organization to assess your current environment — whether you’re reacting to an incident, proactively looking at your availability SLAs, or identifying progress inhibitors.  We also can help you consider new high availability architecture alternatives or further develop your HA strategy.

Post incident review

When a system goes down, the experts at the IBM High Availability Center of Competency can help you analyze the root cause of the defect leading to the incident, as well as the causes of each contributing problem that affected your downtime duration and the business impact of the downtime.

Availability education

The IBM High Availability Center of Competency offers service management seminars and briefings that cover HA best practices, IT challenges of developing and maintaining a HA architecture, root cause analysis, and product specific best practices.

Expert availability support

We have extensive knowledge of industry trends, how emerging technologies impact availability, the challenges of maintaining high availability, and best practices from working with clients across every industry — and we offer collaborative guidance and support.