Who are the Client Experience Centers?

IBM Client Experience Center experts offer comprehensive, in-depth technology briefings, product demonstrations, and solution workshops for IBM clients and IBM Business Partners seeking IBM Systems and IBM Storage expertise. This valuable service is provided at no charge to IBM clients.

After an Client Experience Center engagement, you will be positioned to make more informed decisions. We can provide the insight that is needed to help align your information technology with your business objectives. We can help you simplify your infrastructure and achieve on-demand breakthroughs to increase responsiveness, accelerate speed to market, enhance competitiveness, and improve return on investment.

Our Services

In-Depth Technology Briefings

Subject matter experts provide in-depth presentations on new technology

Product Demonstrations

Hands-on modeling, industry showcases, interactive 3D product simulation and video tutorials

Solution Workshops

Cloud, Analytics, Security, and more

Our Locations

Austin, TX, USA

Specializes in Power Systems, OpenPOWER, Cognitive Solutions, SAP HANA, Modern Data Platforms and High Performance Computing

Beijing, China

Specializes in IBM Systems and Storage

Boeblingen, Germany

Specializes in IBM Z, Storage, LinuxONE, blockchain, virtualization, hybrid cloud, analytics & cognitive solutions

Guadalajara, Mexico

Specializes in IBM Storage and GBS Solutions

Montpellier, France

Specializes in IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage, IBM Systems software, cloud solutions, and big data and analytics

Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

Specializes in IBM Z, blockchain, cloud solutions, IBM Systems software, and IBM LinuxONE

Rochester, MN, USA

Specializes in IBM Power Systems and IBM i

Tucson, AZ, USA

Specializes in IBM Storage, tape, disk, IBM Storwize, and IBM Spectrum Storage