Who are the Benchmark Centers?

This team of highly skilled, certified professionals helps you conduct critical evaluations in support of your IT purchase decisions, and provides access to the latest hardware, software, and tools to replicate complex environments.

IBM Systems Benchmark Centers have the expertise and tools to provide "first of a kind" proofs of concept (PoCs), proofs of technology (PoTs), and high-water benchmarks. This capacity enables substantiation of the advantages of IBM's server-based platform and cross-platform configurations. You can get help to: stress, tune, and test your application on IBM Systems that are configured to your specifications, certify your ISV solution on newly available IBM hardware and software, run a performance benchmark for your strategic ISV or your pre-sales High Performance Technical Computing directives.

Benchmark Centers are staffed with certified project managers, system IT Architects and IT Specialists, hardware and networking personnel. We can customize engagements, in first-class facilities, to provide you with information to support sound business and computing decisions.

Our Services


Customized benchmarks for client solutions are made available to demonstrate vertical and horizontal scaling. Demonstration of KPI (for example, transactions per second) can be done with your data/workload. In addition, assistance in running ISV application benchmarks is available.

Proof of Concept

Benchmark Center teams provide tailored demonstrations of functions or aspects of the technology. A Proof of Concept can be customized for you, often using your workload or data.

Proof of Technology

Benchmark Center experts configure PoTs to provide demonstrations of technology that use set scenarios running on specific configurations and allow for hands-on experience.

Power Systems

The Benchmark Centers have IBM Power Systems capable of running AIX, Linux, and IBM i workloads on PowerVM, Linux on KVM on Power, and bare-metal Linux. We have various scale-out and scale-up servers. We can build basic PoT environments, or complex PoC or Benchmark environments, complete with the storage, networking, and software that you need. You can bring your applications and data. Whether you need to kick the tires on Power technology, measure Power performance and capacity characteristics, or stress, tune and test your application on Power, we can help.


The latest IBM mainframe processor and storage technologies for high-end computing are available for benchmarks, PoCs and PoTs. All IBM supported mainframe operating systems, including z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on IBM Z and other IBM software are provided. IBM Z mainframe is configured to your specifications so you can stress, tune and test applications, measure performance, and determine workload capacity.

System Storage

We offer custom storage benchmarks, PoCs, and PoTs that can be configured to match your specifications and testing needs. We can provide custom environments and solutions to test storage performance, resiliency, interoperability, and synergy across varying hosts and platforms (IBM Z, Power Systems, IBM i, Open Systems). Whether it be testing a single subsystem or a multi-site disaster recovery scenario, the Benchmark Centers have the skill and expertise to cover all IBM Storage solutions and make your benchmarks, PoCs, and PoTs successful.