Better price-performance than x86

IBM POWER9 scale-out servers outmatch x86 in several ways, including better performance, higher value from cost reductions, and additional benefit to in-memory databases such as SAP HANA.


Price performance


more memory

Meet the Power Systems small enterprise servers

Today’s always-on world requires reliable, mission-critical servers that deliver continuous operations. IBM Power Systems™, a family of servers fueled by POWER9™ processors, provides the foundation for your most demanding workloads with end-to-end security features and on-demand scalability at a price-performance advantage.

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Form factor

POWER9 processor

Processor cores

Memory capacity


PCIe slots available

IBM Power System S914

4U Tower or Rack


4, 6 or 8

Up to 1TB

Up to 12 or 18 SSD/HDDs


IBM Power System S922


Single or Dual

4, 8 or 10

Up to 5TB

Up to 8 SSD/HDDs

Up to 9

IBM Power System S924


Single or Dual

8, 10 or 12

Up to 4TB

Up to 12 or 18 SSD/HDDs

Up to 11

Buy now, pay later: Purchase eligible servers and storage by June 30, 2020 and delay payments for 3 months.

Linux servers for small enterprises with big data workloads

The IBM Power Systems LC921 and LC922, built to crush the demands of big data and analytics workloads, have a better price-performance than x86.

IBM Power System LC921

This 1U rack server delivers superior scaling capabilities, and is ideal for virtualization, database and high-performance computing deployments.

IBM Power System LC922

This storage-rich 2U server has 2x the data bandwidth of x86 and is perfect for Linux workloads with extensive storage requirements.

Small enterprise servers at work

Wijnen Van Maele

A family-owned wine merchant is able to compete with the big chains and online retailers thanks to IBM Power Systems


A property management firm runs IBM i on Power Systems to facilitate expansion and handle future growth.

LTI Canada

A Transfer Agency services leader upgrades to IBM i on Power System S924 to create a best-of-breed IT stack servicing their clients.