Meet the IBM Linux servers

Linux on Power Systems™

Built for big data, scale-out, and accelerated workloads. Linux on Power Systems gives you the open infrastructure you need to process massive amounts of unstructured data quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, with faster advanced AI insights.


LinuxONE servers give you the ultimate cloud security and unlimited scalability, sized to fit any cloud data center. End-to-end encryption keeps your data safer while controlling costs through greater efficiency than selective encryption.

Linux on IBM Z®

Linux on IBM Z is the secure, reliable platform you can trust for your enterprise workloads. Get the benefits of running Linux on a superior platform and easily scale up while protecting your data with end-to-end encryption.

Secure, scalable, and open source; that's Linux on IBM servers

Unleash open source, rein in costs

Unleash open source, rein in costs

IBM Systems offers industry-standard distributions and hardware options for higher performance and lower costs than commodity infrastructure.

The fastest growing server OS

The fastest growing server OS

From embedded devices to supercomputers, from cloud and traditional enterprise servers to somewhere in between, IBM Linux delivers.

Open source, fine-tuned for enterprise

IBM has made significant contributions to Linux and open source to help make them enterprise ready, giving you a flexible yet powerful infrastructure for your business.

See the IBM Linux servers at work

70% more online traffic with LinuxONE

Thanks to LinuxONE, Techcombank saw a 4x rise in transactions during peak season that was handled effortlessly, with a 44% lower total cost of ownership.

40% reduction in licensing costs on Linux for Power Systems

State Forests Poland reduced licensing costs by 40% over a five-year period by migrating to Linux on IBM Power Systems E880™.

30 million accessible documents on a Linux on IBM Z platform

Linux on IBM Z provides ZB, National Association’s staff with reliable access to the company’s full repository of over 30 million documents at a 66% cost saving.