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Built to handle mission-critical workloads while maintaining security, reliability and control of your entire IT infrastructure

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Introducing IBM® z16™

IBM z16 is built to build the future of business

Accelerate decision velocity, protect against threats across your business and modernize for hybrid cloud with IBM z16.


Cut complexity with IBM Servers as your foundation

With highly compatible enterprise-class servers at the foundation of your IT infrastructure strategy, you can integrate with your cloud of choice, deploy and move workloads where you want — on-prem or in the cloud. Develop an approachable, low-risk path that doesn’t disrupt existing IT infrastructure, yet paves the way for innovation.


Cyber resiliency

By combining your mainframe and storage, you can unlock the true power of a resilient and secure solution with exceptional cloud and data privacy capabilities.

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Seamless integration

Improve data protection and privacy across your entire IT ecosystem by encrypting each stage of the data’s lifecycle, transmission, storage and processing.

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Flexibility with control

Take control of your hybrid cloud strategy with enterprise servers that offer flexibility and choice, allowing you to adapt and evolve with a modern IT infrastructure.

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Product comparison

IBM® z16™

Multi-frame system that accelerates decision velocity, protects against threats before they happen and optimizes business-critical processes.

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Delivers encryption everywhere, cloud native development and cyber resilience.

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IBM Power® E1080

Designed to tackle challenges with new levels of performance, core-to-cloud data protection and streamlined automation and insights.

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IBM Power System E950

An agile, high-performance four-socket system that is ideal for cloud deployments with built-in virtualization and flexible capacity.

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IBM Power System S924

Maximize uptime with a cloud-enabled server designed to handle data-intensive, mission-critical workloads.

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IBM Power System S922

A secure, high-density, cloud-enabled POWER9™ server that easily integrates into your organization’s cloud and delivers superior economics.

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Next Steps

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