Scalable servers and storage

Scale up and out with industry-leading performance, unmatched uptime, instant recovery and flexible consumption

Scalable Servers Isometric Illustration


System scalability for your hybrid cloud

Extend your hybrid cloud with industry-leading IT infrastructure that provides the performance and reliability needed to modernize your IT operations. As your business needs expand and grow, you can take advantage of Capacity on Demand to gain the benefits and control of on-premises solutions.


Scale-out servers IBM Power System S922 A secure, high density, cloud-enabled POWER9™ server that easily integrates into your organization’s cloud and delivers superior economics. View IBM Power System S922 IBM Power System S924 Maximize uptime with a secure, cloud-enabled server designed to handle data-intensive, mission-critical workloads. View IBM Power System S924 IBM z15 Single-frame and multi-frame systems that bring next-level data privacy, security and resiliency to any hybrid cloud with enterprise-level scalability. View IBM z15 IBM LinuxONE III Delivers encryption everywhere, cloud-native deployment and cyber resilience for businesses of all sizes. View LinuxONE III

Scale-up servers IBM Power System E950 An agile, high-performance four-socket system that is ideal for cloud deployments with built-in virtualization and flexible capacity. View IBM Power System E950 IBM Power System E980 Extraordinary scalability, performance and availability for data centers with demanding AIX®, IBM i and Linux applications. View Power System E980

Scalable storage software IBM Spectrum Control Enables management of storage systems, software-defined storage, storage-area network (SAN) fabrics, devices and even cloud storage. View IBM Spectrum Control IBM Spectrum Scale Eliminates data silos and provides extreme scalability for demanding workloads while reducing storage costs. View IBM Spectrum Scale

Next steps

Scale-out servers

Powerful, flexible, and future-forward infrastructure designed to crush data-intensive workloads.

Scalable storage software

Improve the way you manage, protect and store data with storage software featuring AI-infused capability.

Scalable mainframe

Single-frame and multi-frame systems that fully integrate into your cloud infrastructure.