See what these real-world customers are accomplishing with the benefit of performance improvements.

Mondi Austria

Packaging and paper specialist
“One report is a remarkable 400x faster than before, while 20 reports are over 100x quicker.”
Rainer Steffl, Mondi Austria

  • Upgraded to SAP HANA® and IBM Power Systems™ for the high-performance and ultra-robust platform
  • Enabled faster, more convenient reporting

Química Amparo

Cleaning product manufacturer
“We have boosted reporting performance by between 20-30% on average.”
Leandro Taveira da Silva, Quimica Amparo

  • Migrated its SAP HANA applications to IBM Power Systems for greater market share
  • Achieved high-speed reporting and super-fast insight into customer data

International Textile

Leading textile manufacturer
“Response times for our SAP ERP applications are 40x faster than previously.”
Faraz Ahmed Quddusi, IT

  • Implemented SAP HANA, IBM Power Systems and IBM Storwize for serving customers quickly
  • Accelerated supply-chain and manufacturing processes

Learn how these businesses integrated new workloads into existing resources and operations.

Coop Group

Shopping services innovator
“With data growth of 30% each year, we needed a flexible IT solution with the ability to support our retail strategy.”
Christoph Kalt, Lead IT Architect at Coop Group

  • Configured shared processor pools on each Power server, for provisioning new large SAP HANA systems
  • Improved customer satisfaction with more-flexible shopping services

Indus Motor Company

Leader in Pakistan’s auto market
“Of all the infrastructure solutions we considered for the SAP S/4HANA software, IBM Power System S824L servers stood head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of high availability, flexibility, manageability and performance.”
Faizan Mustafa, CIO/Head of IT, Indus Motor Company Ltd

  • Transformed front-to-back operations with SAP S/4HANA on high-performance IBM POWER8® servers
  • Boosted manufacturing efficiency

Wurth Group

Assembly and fastening materials manufacturer
“Today, we can balance all our SAP application and database workloads more easily, and use our capacity much more flexibly.”
Harald Hall, Wurth Group

  • Transformed their SAP HANA databases with other SAP applications on the same Power infrastructure
  • Utilized available resources more efficiently

See how these organizations took advantage of rock-solid reliability for their most critical applications.


Back-office service provider
“SAP HANA underpins our entire organization, so reliability is paramount. We selected IBM Power Systems servers because they offer excellent stability and superior performance and value for money compared to many competing offerings.”
Spokesperson, Happynarae

  • Deployed SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems servers to manage the torrent of information
  • Enabled smarter on-the-fly decision making, boosting productivity

UOL Group

A leader in retail and hospitality industries
“SAP HANA solutions equip our employees across the globe with a reliable platform. We felt that IBM offered a combination of reliability, performance and value for money.”
Foo Say Twang, Assistant General Manager, Group IT at UOL Group

  • Implemented SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA running on IBM Power Systems servers for greater productivity
  • Facilitated analysis of data from its shopping malls, offices and hotels

Granules India

Leading pharmaceutical company
“In our eyes, the exceptional reliability, continuity and TCO of IBM Power Systems make the platform a worthwhile investment.”
Ganesh Karuppannan, CFO, Granules India

  • Implemented SAP S/4HANA with IBM Services on IBM Power Systems for expanding their markets
  • Achieved deeper insight into the costs and margins of each product