The 2nd Edition

 IBM LinuxONE for Dummies - the guide to the most secure and scalable, enterprise grade, open source architecture, built for the hybrid cloud.

Why LinuxONE

Cloud native

Build AI-infused services that are developed and deployed anywhere across your cloud.

Encryption everywhere

Extend data privacy from LinuxONE to your enterprise through the use of policy controls.

Cyber resilience

Minimize the impact of internal and external attacks by isolating workloads to ensure continuous service.

Flexible compute

Use open servers designed for both start-ups and enterprises, as well as for public, private or hybrid cloud.

Meet LinuxONE III

Flexibility, responsiveness and cost are fueling your digital transformation and your journey to hybrid cloud. Now, you can drive to market faster—while avoiding cloud security risks and complex migration challenges.

LinuxONE III can transform your application and data portfolio with innovative data privacy, security and cyber resiliency capabilities—all delivered with minimal downtime.

Explore the LinuxONE family of servers

LinuxONE III single-frame

LinuxONE III single-frame

The new air-cooled, single-frame system extends next-level security, data privacy, and resiliency to any hybrid cloud, designed for businesses of all sizes.

LinuxONE III multi-frame

LinuxONE III multi-frame

Built for high-capacity workloads and designed for demanding data security needs, the multi-frame model brings privacy and resiliency to your hybrid cloud.

Expert resources

Red Hat and Cloud Paks

Accelerate hybrid cloud and modernize apps with OpenShift® and Cloud Paks®.

Hex Trust

“In choosing IBM, we get unmatched security and scalability for our platform…”

Secure digital assets

Hyper Protect on LinuxONE keeps apps protected.

Celebrating 5 years of IBM LinuxONE and 1 year of Red Hat® OpenShift® on LinuxONE