Featured case study

Fast-tracking business growth through big data

Located in Switzerland—where there’s intense regulatory scrutiny to guarantee data security—Phoenix Systems needed the right IT platform to secure its clients’ big data, while still having room for company growth.

Banking case studies


Delivers reliable performance for customer services with the scalability to meet growing demands.


Helps banks respond faster to changing market opportunities, become more efficient, and achieve compliance.

Blockchain and digital assets

KORE Technologies and Phoenix Systems

Empowers companies to securely create, verify, store and trade digital assets.

The Plastic Bank

Uses ultra-secure blockchain on a LinuxONE platform to reduce ocean plastic.


Helps companies secure blockchain innovation with end-to-end pervasive encryption features.

Beijing Institute of Technology

Builds next-gen blockchain solutions on a server platform for Hyperledger.


Enables companies to protect and use digital assets fast, freely and securely.

More for blockchain

See how LinuxONE provides protection for your blockchain.

Cloud native, containers and Kubernetes

Infibeam Avenues Limited

Transforms with a custom Fintech cloud delivering Value Added Services (VAS) to its clients.

Cognition Foundry

Takes a hybrid multicloud approach to create an architecture that’s better protected against cyberattacks.

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See how you can consistently develop, deploy and orchestrate next-gen apps.

Scalable data servers

Nowy Styl

Solved for current and future data procession abilities with integrated solutions involving LinuxONE.

The Met Office

The UK’s weather and climate service delivers timely weather data to millions of customers during peak times.

Fort Vale Engineering

Manages both customer engagement and manufacturing on LinuxONE to deliver insights quickly and securely.

Secure cloud

Vicom Infinity

Keeps voice conversations private with a security-rich cloud environment.

Solitaire Interglobal Ltd.

Creates accessible stories so that people with challenges can enjoy them.

TES Enterprise Solutions

Turns enterprise-level problems into measurable outcomes with IBM Systems.

Learn Forward

Connects speakers and audiences through interactive presentations with security, reliability and scalability.

Solitaire Interglobal

Makes storytelling accessible to differently-able people through IBM LinuxONE running in the IBM Cloud.

More for secure cloud

Gains trust and compliance with a platform able to encrypt data and keep it protected.

Services case studies

ICU IT Services

Merges the best of open-source and enterprise technology to deliver IT savings for businesses.

Intellect EU

Brings cryptographic solutions to the LinuxONE platform and delivers them as a cloud service.

Hear from customers

“We are leading into an age of ecosystems where banks are working with car companies, are working with petro-stations to create brand new solutions.”

– Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst, Celent


CIO’s guide on banking

Learn how modern banks quickly respond to shifts in the marketplace and demands of digital and mobile.

Forrester on cloud

Discover how organizations are becoming more strategic with hybrid cloud – and how LinuxONE fits in.

IDC on open enterprises

See how organizations solve the challenges of application portability and deployment.

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