The scalable data processing server for digital transformation

Your business should not be constrained by your infrastructure. With LinuxONE it is unleashed. A design point for vertical scale with additional capacity available on demand enables always-on service for your customers regardless of the fluctuating demands of digital business.

Unleash your business with LinuxONE™

Scale to 2 million containers on demand²

Do the work of 750 x86 cores (3)

Do the work of 750 x86 cores³

Process 850 million encrypted transactions a day⁴

Enterprise case studies: How LinuxONE is conquering modern workloads


LinuxONE gives us the confidence that we can meet our clients' needs even as our business continues to grow rapidly.

—Jeffrey Pochily, VP of Network Infrastructure, SinfoníaRx

Business challenge
With increased demand for its healthcare data analytics services, SinfoníaRx needed a highly scalable data-processing platform with uninterrupted performance.

IBM LinuxONE helped them grow to serve one of every seven US citizens, delivering billion-dollar cost savings to the nation’s healthcare industry

Meet the IBM LinuxONE servers

Engineered for open modern workloads. Designed with built-in pervasive encryption. Equipped for massive scalability, agility, security and extreme performance.

LinuxONE Rockhopper II™ is sized to fit in any cloud data center – whether you are a startup or an established bank.

LinuxONE Emperor II delivers trusted premium cloud services while accelerating value.


LinuxONE for Dummies

Learn how you can use the power of the platform to enable massive vertical scale.

How much could you save?

Get a personalized total cost of ownership estimate for IBM® LinuxONE™ servers.

Lab Services

Work with an experienced group of consultants to design and implement Linux infrastructure solutions.


1."Based on an IBM customer's data, 30 x86 servers (300 cores total) can be consolidated into 1 IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II server (15 cores total), yielding a 20:1 core consolidation ratio and 55% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over 5 years."

2.Source: "Scale-out to 2 million Docker containers in a single z14 system, no application server farms necessary" (applies to IBM LinuxONE Emperor II) Performance result is extrapolated from IBM internal tests running in a z14 LPAR with 10 dedicated IFLs and 16 GB memory 1000 BusyBox Docker containers with ApacheHTTP. Results may vary. Operating system was SLES 12 SP2 (SMT mode). Docker 1.12 was used.

3."Based on an IBM customer's data, 42 x86 servers (1,512 cores total) can be consolidated into 2 IBM LinuxONE Emperor II servers (135cores total), yielding an 11:1 core consolidation ratio and 41% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over 5 years."

4. Solitaire Interglobal Ltd., Scaling the Digital Mountain
A Path to a Secure, Agile and Efficient Organization (124 KB)