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There is no longer room for a one-size-fits-all infrastructure approach. Building for the future of business innovation requires a clear IT infrastructure strategy for what is still unknown, yet will become possible with future open innovation.

By embracing and combining the power of open technologies for infrastructure with the collaborative environment of an open development community, you can deliver new solutions faster to market without sacrificing quality and reliability.

What’s all this mean for your business? The power of community collaboration can accelerate innovations and solutions to help you become a cognitive business.

Optimize your business with open innovation.

What if you could save money, time, and resources?

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Master inventors driving innovation

Master inventors driving innovation

IBM has focused on innovation since the company began over a century ago. In fact, IBM received a record-breaking 8,000+ US patents in 2016 covering a diverse range of inventions. Here we feature a few of our master inventors.

Advancing genomics research on POWER8

Advancing genomics research on POWER8

Oregon State University’s (OSU) Center for Genomic Research and Biocomputing ported over 1000 software tools and applications to IBM POWER8 and are making the code available. This means clients can accelerate research and get more work done in less time at a much lower cost.

Train your AI, feed your head

Train your AI, feed your head

Much like a child learning to ride a bicycle using training wheels, deep learning networks too are trainable. IBM Spectrum LSF be used to help accelerate training deep learning networks, but machine learning can also be used to help simplify HPC.