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Apply AI to the data you generate to learn continuously 


Deep industry and domain expertise 

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Gain a fully integrated view of all assets with equipment agnostic solutions


Trusted security, dedicated privacy

Protect your clients’ data and the insights you glean from them

Client success


L’Oreal uses integrated IoT sensors on their production line to take the right actions at the right time

Sugar Creek Brewery

Watson IoT and AI help Sugar Creek Brewery reduce waste and produce more consistent brews


Thousands of feet below the surface, IoT data and insights enable Sandvik to provide smarter, safer operations


The largest eastern US railroad uses enterprise asset management to reduce downtime and service disruptions

Explore how IoT transforms asset-intensive industries

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What is the Internet of Things?

The IoT is now a reality due to the convergence of several technologies

A “thing” is any object or device with embedded electronics that can transfer data over a network — without any human interaction. So imagine if you had smart devices in your car, your workplace or even on yourself.

The Internet of Things can make running your enterprise easier and reinvent the way you interact with the physical world.

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