Gain deep insights across the product lifecycle

With innovative digital tools, your team can virtually create, test, build and monitor a product – closing the feedback loop between design and operations. Real-time insights make it easier to find hidden issues, fix and get to market faster.

An engine can become a platform with a digital twin

Operational data can be leveraged across the full lifecycle of the product

Real-time analysis of engine speed, air/fuel ratio, oil pressure, coolant temperature and other critical parameters can optimize efficiency, prevent breakdowns and elevate the driver experience.

Intelligent innovation for connected product development

Capture, convey and operationalize real-world insights, and improve yield and performance. Shorten design cycles, embed cognitive, foster tighter linkage and traceability across teams and ecosystems to deliver better connected products.

Create speed and agility while managing complex lifecycles

Reinvent your business around digital operations. Predict equipment failure, prescribe remedial procedures and optimize maintenance schedules to minimize impact on overall equipment effectiveness.


Value creation and better outcomes

Manufacturers can gather real-time insights from deep within systems-of-systems to make it easier for engineers to find hidden inter-dependence, recommend optimal steps of reinvention, recalibrate, and predict future outcomes.

Products with this capability

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody

A proven solution for modeling and design to manage complex product and systems development. Collaborative design, development and testing for standards and compliance. 

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights

Visualize, analyze and gain data insights across design, manufacturing and operations. Improve the visibility of relationships across engineering data so you can make more effective, timely and informed decisions, and help maintain and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters

Practice application lifecycle management (ALM) in a diverse lifecycle tools environment, leveraging your current lifecycle tools investments

Other capabilities that are trending


Streamline your digital twin with cognitive sensing

Reduce costs, constraints and isolate vital data to improve the quality and accuracy of your digital twin, and make it easier to design products and services

Weave the digital thread into your lifecycle

Maximize product development, improve quality, and eliminate manufacturing siloes with the digital thread

Create a building’s ‘digital twin’

Powerful new cognitive abilities are emerging from the massive data flows of physical structures

This capability can be used in